Team Albert-Speer and Partner SEEN-REVIER 2.0

"We have placed the spatial image 2038+ under the motto „Seen Revier 2.0". Even though the Lakes Region is limited to the core district, we assume that the fascination, enthusiasm and illustration of change, departure and the emergence of new qualities that arise with the filling of the lakes will set a regional impulse and arouse both regional and supra-regional attention with the staging of change."

In our opinion, the decisive factor is regional cooperation, the integration of all (planning) tasks into the supra-local context. The core area of the district, with the largest measures and changes, should be the laboratory and catalyst for joint, regional thinking and action. Together, the Seen Revier will be developed in a green, networked and innovative way.

On this basis, a positioning as a future district can succeed, a positive image of the change processes and the departure in the region and outwardly conveyed and interest to participate in a positively perceived process (e.g. through business settlement, employees) aroused. A regional awareness is created in the interaction of all actors.

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With the term SEEN-REVIER 2.0, the new quality of the space and the new image are condensed into a catchy title.

Thus, the development strategy conveys a "new image of the area", which has an inward effect (on residents, local actors, etc.) as well as an outward effect (marketing, supra-regional appreciation) and promotes the "mental cement" of the multitude of actors.